Our Mission

Project MEMA (Making Education in Moshi Accessible) believes that education can change the face of Tanzania and lift children and their families out of poverty. There are many conditions affecting the ability of children to attend school.  Poor nutrition, inadequate and poorly supplied schools, and lack of funding for primary and secondary education are a few of the obstacles faced by children and families. Project MEMA targets these issues by providing sponsorships to primary and secondary students, and school lunches, classroom supplies, uniforms, and school enhancement projects to nursery schools in Moshi, Tanzania. 

Who we are & how we got started

Project MEMA, a Boston-based 501(c)(3) registered public charity, seeks to enrich the lives of children by promoting education and healthy living in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa.

Project MEMA started with a trip to Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa, a developing town settled in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in 2009.  Amy Wendel was teaching at a nursery school where the students enthusiastically pursued their education, despite perpetually lacking sufficient classroom structures, school supplies, and most tragically, nutrition. 

Inspired by the dedication of local teachers and students, she sought to find a solution to improve student educational experience and outcomes while strengthening the local community.  Soon after she returned to the United States she conceptualized a non-profit organization that would assist the students in Moshi by providing basic supplies, school fees, and nutritional supplements. 

Amy works closely with Living Kiwelu, Project MEMA's In-Country Director and Vicky Mariki, Teacher at Vicky's Day Care and Project MEMA Advisor.