When Mama Vicky retired from teaching at Magereza Nursery School in 2016 she built and opened up her own school in Njia Panda - just 30 minutes outside of Moshi.

Vicky's Day Care Center is a nursery school for children between the ages of three and seven. The school has 30 students who are taught by Mama Vicky and local teachers. The school has 2 classrooms and an office/ storage room. Project MEMA has supported Vicky's Day Care Center since 2017.

Project MEMA's support of Vicky's school is provided in-part by a generous anonymous donor.


  • Nutritious/ fortified porridge lunch program.

  • School supplies such as books, pencils, crayons, paper, etc.

  • New uniforms and shoes for each student per calendar year.


  • 2019: Constructed a custom hand washing station allowing dozens of students to wash their hands at once versus one at a time at the water tap. The station has improved sanitary conditions at the school.

  • 2018: Installed a water tap - a first for the school and the area around the school. After digging 600 meters through tough clay and laying piping which passes through roads and neighbor’s property the school has water and Mama Vicky no longer has to spend a day getting water.

  • 2017: Constructed a reclaimed tire play area of "Learning Landscape" in association with Project H Design. Donated paint and supplies to refinish the exterior of the school and swingset.