rau children's Center

Rau Children's Center is a fee-free school for children between the ages of three and seven in Rau, a rural village just outside the center of Moshi. The school has 30 students who are taught by Living Kiwelu, Stan Kiwelu and local volunteers. The school has one small classroom and an office/ storage room. Project MEMA has fully supported Rau Children's Center since 2011. Project MEMA's partnership agreement with Rau Children's Center expired in late 2016, but we continue to support the children of Rau Village through our outreach.


  • Nutritious/ fortified porridge lunch program (5 days a week).
  • School supplies such as books, pencils, crayons, paper, etc.
  • New uniforms and shoes for each student per calendar year.


  • 2016: Put in new swings and a basketball hoop.
  • 2015: Renovated and provided maintenance for the 2015 school year—sanded and refinished the current desks, reconstructed the concrete floor, painted the interior classroom and exterior of the school.
  • 2014: Put in underground piping and a water tap - a first for the school.
  • 2013: Refurbished the old supply cabinet with new wood and paint. Planted flowers around the perimeter of the school.
  • 2012: Renovated the school—built new desks, reconstructed the concrete floor, painted the interior classroom, and built a sanitary latrine. Commissioned local artists to paint murals on the exterior of the school. Constructed Project MEMA’s second reclaimed-tire play area or ‘Learning Landscape’ in association with Project H Design.