Magereza Nursery School is a government school for children between the ages of three and seven in the city of Moshi. The school has 150 students who are taught by three teachers led by the headmistress, Mwalimu Chausiku. The school has three classrooms, a porridge house, and a small office. Project MEMA has supported Magereza Nursery School with healthy lunches, school supplies, uniforms, and school enhancement projects since 2010. 


  • Rice, beans, and fruit lunch program replacing daily porridge (2 times a week).

  • School supplies such as books, pencils, crayons, paper, etc.

  • New uniforms and shoes for each student per calendar year.


  • 2019: Repaired and repainted every classroom.

  • 2018: Repainted the tire play area, swing set and porridge house. Commissioned local artists to paint new murals in the porridge house.

  • 2015: Repaired and repainted the tire play area. Updated the swings.

  • 2014: Repaired and repainted every classroom and the school's offices. Commissioned artists to paint murals in each classroom.

  • 2013: Repaired swing-set and tire play area.

  • 2012: Repainted 3 large chalkboards and 40 individual students chalkboards.

  • 2011: Built tables and benches for the vacant porridge house allowing students to sit while eating their lunch. Commissioned local artists to paint large-scale murals in the school's porridge house.

  • 2010: Constructed a reclaimed-tire play area of 'Learning Landscape' in association with Project H Design.