Duma Scholars is our Primary & Secondary School Sponsorship Program, through which we offer tuition scholarships each year to students in financial need. Our students must meet achievement of academic standards, acceptable behavior while in school, and ongoing family engagement. This creates expectations, ensures accountability for the student, and offers shared responsibility and support between Project MEMA staff and the community. We currently sponsor 11 students from age 7 to 21 and we look forward to sponsoring more children and young adults in the coming years.

'Duma' in Kiswahili means Cheetah - we believe our students are a pack of super fast learners, excelling in their classes and that they will make a positive impact in the world!

Meet our students! Rovina, Beatrice, Emanueli, Agnessi, Gifty, Asha, Zuhra, Coleman, Noella, Clara and Queenie.